Disc Injuries Chiropractic Care


Disc Injuries & Chiropractic Care

Disc injuries are very common & are usually referred to as pinched nerve or slipped disc. The discs act as shock absorbers between the vertebra allowing the normal movement we take for granted every day.  Injuries can vary from tears to the structure or herniation (simply put is movement of the disc from between the vertebra to outside). Once it has herniated this can lead to direct pressure on nerves and spinal cord (leading to referral of pain, weakness, loss of strength & bowel and bladder changes) and other structures.

Causes of disc injury are due to cumulative strain usually in a bending, twisting, lifting or prolonged sitting over time. Also poor spinal function leading to spinal imbalance and poor functional movement over many years predisposes you to disc injuries as it decreases the ability of discs to absorb shock.

Our treatment for disc injuries is to first identify the cause of the problem which we obtain through functional, neurological and orthopedic assessment. Also if required imaging x-ray, CT or MRI. Once we rule out any underlying pathology and determine if chiropractic care is safe and right for you. A series of chiropractic adjustments in combination with lifestyle modifications, at home exercises and postural exercises aim to restore function and address underlying cause of disc injuries.

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