Getting Started

Back To Front Chiropractic has refined the process of getting started with your care down to two visits.

Visit 1 – Your Interview & Examination

The first step is filling out the pre-interview questionnaire, which will be provided to you on your
arrival. This information will help refine our discussion about your reasons for seeking chiropractic

From this information your Chiropractor will then ask further questions regarding your complaint. Theinterview will allow your chiropractor to establish two things:

  1. If it is a chiropractic problem?
  2. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

Once your Chiropractor has established these 2 things your examination will be conducted. This will
tell us ‘where’ the ‘problem’ is and ‘why’ it occurred.
If further information is required to answer the above questions you will be referred for X-rays, CT or
MRI scans.

If all these questions are answered then your care may begin, if not then your chiropractic care will
begin on your second visit once x rays have been viewed.

Visit 2 – Your Report of Findings

On this visit your chiropractor will present to you a folder containing “Your Report of Findings”. This isa detailed summary of your exam and x-ray notes as well as an outline of time and visits required toget you back to full health.

Also included are our full fees schedule, postural advice page, stretch routines and a whole host of
additional information relevant to getting and keeping you well.

This information may also be used to assist any massage therapist, physiotherapist, acupuncturist or
other health care provider that is also working with you at this time. It is also a valuable tool to take
with you when you are traveling interstate or overseas for any length of time as chiropractors all
around the world can use this information to safely and effectively adjust your spine.