Remedial Massage Brisbane

At Back to Front Chiropractic we have always endeavoured to work with other allied health professionals to generate the best possible outcome for our clients. With our move into bigger premises in 2015 we are now able to offer some of those other services, including remedial massage, in house.

remedial massage Brisbane southside

Remedial Massage: We have two therapists in the clinic for 6 days per week. Both have extensive “hands on” experience in providing therapeutic remedial massage to clients with a variety of different ailments.

If you are also a chiropractic client then our chiropractors and massage therapists will communicate directly with each other to ensure that both approaches work together to create the greatest possible change for you.

The benefits of remedial massage can be immediate. Generally a feeling of deep relaxation and calm occurs as the body releases endorphins, the brain chemicals that produce feelings of well being.

If you are looking for remedial massage Brisbane, call us today on 07 3393 2201 to make an appointment with one of our highly trained massage therapists. If you would like to know more, fill out our quick inquiry form to learn more about how remedial massage can benefit you.

Other benefits of massage include:

Reduced muscle tension
Improved circulation
Stimulation of the lymphatic system
Increased joint mobility and flexibility
Speedier healing of soft tissue injuries
Reduced anxiety and depression

Our Massage Therapists

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