Pregnancy Chiropractor Brisbane

Congratulations on your pregnancy.
You are now one of 134 million women who give birth every year!

(Nov 3, 2009, U.S. Census Bureau)

Although this event occurs 134 million times a year, each and every pregnancy is completely unique. How your body grows, adapts, reacts and delivers is completely unique to you. This is your pregnancy experience.

Chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy is therefore specifically designed to help your body adapt to the stresses and demands of pregnancy.

A review of our patient files from the last 10 years shows that the top 7 reasons that women sought a pregnancy chiropractor during pregnancy were:
Lower back pain
Leg sciatica
Neck and upper back pain
Preparation of pelvis for delivery
Restless legs syndrome
Pubic and hip joint pains
Tension headaches

The earlier you begin your chiropractic pregnancy care, ideally even when you are only ‘thinking’ about becoming pregnant, the better it is. This allows us to understand what the ‘normal’ presentation for you is. We can then more easily detect what is “abnormal” during various stages of your pregnancy. We can however start your care at any time during your pregnancy, even in the later stages of the final trimester.

Our Guarantee

 As I write this web page my wife is currently 7 months pregnant with our second child. She has received regular chiropractic pregnancy care throughout both pregnancies and has many times made the comment “I just don’t know how people get though without it” 

My guarantee to you is that I will never do, say or recommend anything to you that I wouldn’t do, say or recommend to my own wife or family members. 

My attention to detail and focus on each and every visit will be just as it is when I care for my own family. This is my guarantee to you.

What happens during my first Pregnancy Consultation?

Your first visit will take approximately 30 minutes. This consists of:

First 10 minutes: Talk – you talk and we listen. We gain an idea of your current reasons for seeking chiropractic care, previous health issues, back problems, accidents, injuries, exercise and work levels.

Next 10 minutes: Examination. You are taken through some postural and functional tests in the standing, sitting and lying postures. All are external tests only and generally involve testing the range of movement in your neck, upper and lower back as well as checking the levels of your head, shoulders, hips and pelvis. Specific ligaments in the lower back and abdomen are checked for tension and balance.

Final 10 minutes: More talking. This time we do more of the talking and explain (in simple terms) everything that we discovered in your examination. Your options are presented to you and if you choose Chiropractic care then your first adjustments may begin.

Do you take X Rays during pregnancy?

As a general rule we avoid the use of x-rays whenever possible throughout your pregnancy. Only in cases of severe trauma e.g. high speed motor vehicle accidents or when the benefit of seeing x rays far outweighs the risks. More recent protocols indicate that it is better to refer for an MRI scan over x-rays as there is no radiation exposure with an MRI.

How do you work around my growing belly?

Our chiropractic technique is modified for the growing pregnancy. Generally it is still comfortable within the first 16-17 weeks to lie on your stomach. After this we use the “Belly Pillow”. This specifically hollowed out piece of latex foam is positioned under your abdomen so there is no weight at all resting on your belly. We have two sizes of pillows for the smaller and larger tummy. Time and time again women comment on how nice and comfortable it is to lie face down and take all the weight off their abdomen and lower back. This is especially common in the later stages of pregnancy when you can only sleep on your sides.

In some rare cases it is not comfortable to lie on the belly pillow so we do all your work with you lying on your back and sides or in the sitting position.

What exactly happens on each visit?

Firstly you need to know that chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy is extremely gentle. In fact it is often easier to adjust the pregnant body due to increased levels of Relaxin, the hormone which helps make ligaments and joints more relaxed for delivery.

We use a combination of techniques for your pregnancy care. These include:

1. Webster Technique
2. Sacro Occipital Technique
3. Activator Instrument
4. Manual Diversified

All these techniques are highly specific and low force. In some cases it’s as simple as lying with some wedged blocks under your pelvis to gently reposition your hips, pelvis and lower back (SOT Technique). We can also use gentle pressure on specific ligaments to further release them (Webster Technique).  Back to Front Chiropractic is one of only a few pregnancy chiropractic clinics Brisbane wide listed as certified Webster practitioners with the ICPA. 

Manual diversified adjustments tend to create more of the popping or clicking sound from your spine. This technique is still safe to use throughout your pregnancy and tends to create a nice, instant release of pressure from your body.

The most important factor with your care is that you are comfortable and secure with whatever approach is used for you. The wonderful thing about having a range of techniques is we can find the one that best suits your body. Your initial history and examination findings will help guide us towards finding the right approach for you.

Contact us today to consult with a pregnancy chiropractor Brisbane.

Pregnancy is all about creating the best environment within yourself for your baby to grow and develop. Chiropractic is one tool that can be utilised to help achieve and maintain this.