Office Tour

Back to Front Chiropractic Office: Step into Health & Comfort

Your well-being is our first priority at Back to Front Chiropractic. From our reception area to our chiropractic adjustment rooms, we’ve designed our chiropractic office with your comfort in mind.

If you have audio turned on take a guided online tour via the following YouTube link. Otherwise our online tour provides an easy walk-through at Back to Front Chiropractic. Simply click a photo to enlarge your view.

Full Reception

Our reception desk is the place to sign in and get friendly, professional assistance in getting started at Back to Front Chiropractic.

Chiropractic Products Area

Just to your right, you’ll see our chiropractic products area. Feel free to take a moment to browse some of the best chiropractic aids, appliances, and reference materials available.

Reception Lounge Area

To your left, comfortable chairs and a well-stocked reading selection in our lounge area will make your short wait relaxing.

Examination Room

Our exam room is where you and your chiropractor will discuss your complaint and hold your preliminary exam to find out the where’s and why’s of your chiropractic problem.

X Ray Reports Station

X-rays can help us see exactly where you need chiropractic care. If we recommend x-rays or other tests, our x-ray room is where we’ll discuss the results with you and present you with Your Report of Findings.

Adjusting Tables

Our two chiropractic adjustment rooms ensure that treatment is readily available at Back to Front Chiropractic. Find out how easy it is to get started.